Thursday, December 15, 2016

Advice from a full time Artist: Business Cards

Sorry I'm a day late writing this post, I was out Holiday shopping yesterday and had a client meeting to sell some art!

Today's topic is business cards!

You NEED Business Cards or some sort of card with your info.
I've met countless artists that will tell me about their work, I get interested and ask for a business card and they say they don't have one! What!? 

It's like not having a website (see prior post here)

I want to be able to go home, look at their website and have their info on file, I have a box that is full of business cards, flyers and post cards that I've picked up from other artists and makers. 
I go back through out the year and check out what they're doing, especially during the holidays.

I currently have four different promotional types of cards I hand out or leave at various places.
1: Standard size business cards, they have different images of my work on the front, the back has my website, email and location.
2: Small 2x2 stickers with my logo and business name
3: Standard size 4x5.5 postcard which all have different images of my work, the back has in depth info on talking about what I do, website, email and newsletter sign up.
3: Pet Portrait flyer, which has images of custom pet portraits I have made, how to order, website and email. 
These four options give me four ways to give someone my info, if someone doesn't want a postcard, I give them a business card that fits in their wallet, if someone is only asking about pet portraits they get the flier, and kids always like stickers.
I carry a few of each with at all times, you never know when you'll meet someone who is a potential buyer/client.
I use the following companies
PS Print for my stickers and business cards
Vista Print for my Post Cards and Pet Portrait Fliers 
You can even hand make yours, which I love, but just don't have time to do myself. 

If you don't have any cards make some or order some right now!
They will increase your sales and make it 100% easier to market your products!

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