Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Advice from a full time artist: They Love it or Hate? Ask Why?

Art is not something you can convince someone to like…no matter how much you talk about it or try to explain it. 
It’s not like buying toilet paper (a necessity)  
If there is a piece of art that speaks to me, there is little you can do to change my love for it.  People can be persuaded to buy things regardless of whether or not they like them or need them. 
But Art has to speak to the person, it has to invoke feelings in them, there is no "magic" formula to make this happen. 
If you ask someone what they think of your art, and they respond with "I Love it" 
That's great!
But not always true. 
 A lot of people won't tell you the truth if they think it's going to hurt your feelings... although I have had a few that have told me their true thoughts, it stings but oh well, like I said before we all don't like the same things. 
To help you grow as an artist you should ask
with either of the responses:
Why that person doesn't like it?
Why the person does love it?

Sometimes it might just be the color and if your willing, suggest making them a custom piece.
Its easy to turn most insightful conversations into sales...
I've been at many festivals where a patron would come into my booth and point out the paintings they like, I normally respond with a "Thank you" however if someone points out a painting that they don't like (usually to their friend) I ask "How come? Or "What would you change about it?" 
They usually tell me, they don't like the image itself, or the color, or the whole piece, I start engaging in conversation with them asking what they have in their house, the colors they like, we normally get into a fairly deep conversation, mostly getting to know each others likes and dislikes. I then offer to show them more I've done that they might like, Chances are they will find something they do, at this point you offer to make them a custom painting (if you do commissions)  and if they don't find anything, well move on... but to understand your buyers you must ask why...

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