Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Art Advice from a Full Time Artist: Email Newsletter

Today we're going to talk about Email Newsletters, 
Do you have products that you want to tell past customers, friends or family about?
It's simple,
 While out and about, having an Art Show, being at a Festival, Holiday Bazaar or where ever you are selling your products, have a simple way for buyers to sign up and stay in touch,
I have a few different ways to collect customers info,  
1: I have a note book that says "email sign up" laying around all my events.
people just write their email down and I plug it in to my  Constant Contact Email Marketing Software
(There are many different companies available to use, that are free and easy to set up, find one that suits you best)
2: Text to sign up, Constant Contact
offers a free text service, so If someone doesn't want to write their email down, They just text the word URBANSOULE to the number 22828 and their automatically signed up! 
3: Paypal, When I ring someone up for their purchase using the Paypal app, at the end of the transaction, when they sign, it will ask them if they would like to sign up.It then, connects to my Constant Contact and adds them and I don't have to do anything!
About once a month I send out a newsletter to everyone on my list with new products, promotions or events,.
Super easy and it's a great way for customers to see what your doing, keep in touch AND keep your products on their mind!
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