Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cold Hardy Banana Uncovering

Since we're getting warmer weather.... 50's daytime and 40's nighttime..
 I decided to partially uncover my Cold Hardy Banana trees, I left the bases and stalks mulched and wrapped in the bubble wrap, just in case we get another cold spell.
The stalks were taller but fell over, due to me not having enough mulch around them, (my neighbor insisted on throwing her leaves away instead of giving them to me to use as mulch) so, if your bananas fell over like mine, you want to cut the stalk down to where its still rigid,I just squeeze it a little to figure it out,  you'll see the center still has green in it, the black muck is ok. It will grow from the center of where you cut it off.
 The center will ooze/weep the moisture and turn a bit dark, but it will be ok! Don't cut it unless it gets super mushy!

 If there is another frost or cold spell when it reaches below 34 at night I will throw some burlap over the tops of them.
 For now I think they should be fine in the current weather.
If you have questions leave a comment below!

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