Monday, March 13, 2017

More Garden Work

we installed the new 10ft trellis/fencing in the front, the other one fell down when we got the snow storm...
It will be nice and private again once the Snowdrift Clematis fills it in.
We also moved the huge concrete meditating Buddha from the ground to the deck, it was about 300-400lbs! we wedged wood under it to get it up on the bench.
I also added the heron and the bird bath basin to where the Buddha was in the mini shade garden under the Clematis.
in the back garden, I finished up the boarder and moved the Secret Garden arbor to its final spot, we need to tighten it up and secure it to the ground with some rebar.
here it is at night
Loving the deep blue sky...
You can see more of my garden photos on my Pinterest board HERE

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