Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Signs of Spring!

Plants and flowers are starting to emerge from their winter slumber!
I believe these are Alliums, I'm not sure what the small, bright green leaves are...I'm sure they're some sort of wildflower I had last year that reseeded itself...
I don't weed to much at this time of year unless I know for sure it's a weed. I've pulled out to many flower seedlings in the past.

Not sure what these red leaves (below) are either, I'm thinking it might be a Heuchera, but the leaves are thick and leathery and growing larger than the normal Heuchera, If you know, please leave a comment. 
I didn't mark any of my plants last year, so it will be a surprise (not intended) as plants pop up everywhere, this year I'm marking everything so I don't see a "blank" spot and plant something there, just to find out there's bulbs under the ground, I've done that to many times and split the bulbs in half with my shovel or spade.....

UPDATE: 3-27
I figured out this red leaf plant is a  Ligularia! I have a couple more popping up too!
Grape Hyacinths (Muscari)
 I just planted my new Japanese Loquat Tree (Japanese Plum), yesterday, I don't expect it to fruit but it's a nice addition tropical to the garden with its large leaves.

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