Monday, March 6, 2017

Winter Garden Update

I've been out in the garden early again this year with a case of Spring Fever, I decided to take out all the clover that I had last year, and add a paver and pea gravel pathway, I also extended out the garden beds with a low block wall,

Here's the new much cleaner looking.
I'm also re doing the boarder around this seating area, it had the flat pavers which I'm now putting in the block, it's more sturdy and the moles cant uproot them.
 In the middle of working on this, a cold front came in and dumped about 11" of snow!
The snow lasted about 4 days and melted, so as of right now its gone. and I planted some bulbs and added my favorite black mulch to the beds...
We also took a cylinder off the pillars to make them a bit more stable and put the tops on,
Im using the extra pcs as plant stands in the beds, once all the Pineapple  Lilies come in you really wont be able to see them,

And, While at the Northwest Flower and Garden show I picked up this "Secret Garden" trellis, which will be installed on the other side of the two black pots in front of, once I get the new block boarder in next to those chairs.

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