Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Plants in Bloom!

the Rodgersia has sprung up out of the soil!

the wild flowers and Hellebore's are doing great

and the Blue Elf Aloe is in bloom
The Zanzibar and Gibsonii Castor Beans got transplanted into larger pots a couple days ago, they'll get planted out side once they get more leaves and it warms up a bit. They are very fast growing!
The Japanese Skimmia (male) is in bloom and smells delicious!
the female is almost in bloom....(not pictured)

after the whole Clematis trellis fell down out front from all the snow, I didn't know if it would bloom after we remade everything and strung it back up, but its blooming beautifully, I'll have to get a picture of the full plant, its amazing!
This Clematis is an evergreen, so it keeps it's leaves all year and blooms in spring through summer, it's called "Snowdrift" It's my favorite, It also smells like Jasmine.
We had a new visitor to the patio garden, an Orange breasted Finch... How cute is he!? He had his female partner with him but she was a bit shy...


  1. Wait...your Blue Elf Aloe isn't in the ground is it? In Seattle? That would be amazing...

    1. This one will go into the ground in a week or two, I'm waiting to see where all my dormant plants are first, I've been planting quite densely and don't want to accidentally dig up another plant! I had a blue elf aloe about 3 years in the ground and this winter it rotted under all that snow, so I bought two for a replacement!