Monday, October 31, 2011

It's been 24 days (almost week 4) since my surgery,
I've lost about 15lbs so far.... 2-3 more weeks to go...
Last night I only slept about an hour, the inside of my mouth,cheeks,lips are cut up,
my jaw was in pain, my head hurt, I'm so hungry! I've been slowly tapering off the pain medicine and switching to ibuprofen, there sure is a difference and not for the better!
I have good days where I feel great, then suddenly it takes a turn for the worse and I feel lots of pain and horrible, not wanting or can't get out of bed because I feel to weak or dizzy. such as yesterday, I stayed in bed all day, this morning my jaw hurts really bad, I didn't take the medicine before bed, so I took it when B got up to go to work and have ice packs on.
Hopefully it will get better today since it's Halloween, I figure if worse comes to worse, I will sit outside with my head gear and ice packs on my face looking like a surgery patient and hand out candy while B and the kids go out....

I took my daughter to a Halloween Festival on Saturday, I had ghoulish make up on, a lady told me she "loved" my teeth, I told her "Thanks! they're real and mouth is actually wired shut from a surgery" she walked off, I'm not sure if she was embarrassed or what, then I really felt like a freak!

Happy Halloween! Check all your candy before you eat it!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I have work showing at NuPasa Studio 5539 Airport Way S, Seattle WA 98108 (in Georgetown) contact
Tina Routt at
to schedule an appointment or come down the next Art Attack Nov 12th!
(all the work I'm showing there is under $100, all originals on canvas *no prints)

Hey Friends!
If you own my art, upload a picture of it to this Fanpage! Be sure to take a clear picture,
(like this one below, having room components is a bonus, to see it in it's new home!)
It will be featured on a new page on my Website soon!!
Thanks so so much!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Saw my surgeon today for my 3 week check up, everything is healing good, my jaw is lined up perfectly,however, I will need to get some teeth straightened after I get the arch bars off, my now straight jaw made my teeth uneven. I still need to take it easy and not eat solids (tried eating refried beans and cheese last night, didn't work to well) I can have thicker liquids. So, I have three more weeks of the arch bars, 2 weeks of the elastics and then I will be "under" (local anesthesia)surgery again to get them removed around Nov 18th....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Process of the painting so far....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

I got up and painted a bit today, just for a few minutes in my studio! I haven't painted at all since my surgery, boy I've missed it,sure felt good to slop paint around and the smell of it, yum!
Not sure what direction this painting is going but do we ever know?
I don't!
it's 30x40 (inch) canvas

Happy Painter!(-11 lbs as of today!)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jaw Surgery update: Day 16
As you know on Oct 17th my Surgeon cut the wires and rubber banded me, (I still have the big arch bars on the bottom and top) for the first day I still couldn't open my mouth at all, it felt real tight still, I couldn't sleep Monday night because my teeth hurt bad! Tuesday morning I could open about a 1/4 inch! I was pretty excited, I did some opening and closing exercises and it seemed to loosen up a little, it still hurt and ached though I notice my teeth, along with pain, feel loose and tight at the same time, they feel like they are tight up against each other but wiggly too, it's a strange feeling,the teeth on the right also have the feeling like their fake, like when you get a filling or a crown,it has that foreign feel to it....hard to explain!
The strangest thing is I feel like my teeth aren't as straight as they were, my front teeth were even and now they have a slant to them....
Here's a picture of how far I can open right now (little over a 1/4 inch)
So I've lost about 8 lbs already, which is nice! But being on a liquid diet makes you angry,hungry,dizzy and sickly feeling, I feel tired and weak, even though I add extra protein to my drinks I feel like I'm not getting enough fruits and veggies, I've started drinking V8 daily, it helps but I would like to get a juicer since I have 4-6 more weeks of no chew thinned food/liquids...

The gear

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A few print designs

©Urban Soule 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Off with the wires and now the bands, the easy part is over, now this is where the hard part starts, 4-6 more weeks of having the arch bars wired to my teeth! I still can't have solid food or open my mouth, the bands hold my jaw in place while allowing the muscle some movement (he cut that in half too), I can barely open,it's hurts a lot more than the wires,maybe because of the tension it creates between the upper and lower teeth. Can't even open enough for a small M&M to fit in, I wouldn't be able to chew it anyway...! So my diet will be slightly thicker liquids such as apple sauce..etc...

X-Ray of cut jaw bone taken today 10-17-11

Kate cutting the wires

Kate putting the bands on
the new bands
the furthest I can open and I'm straining!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lots of news!
Boy did I ever fill sick yesterday, we decided to get out of the house for awhile and go "thrifting". I think the car ride made me nauseous after being in bed and moving slow, plus I'm taking less of the pain killer and doing the doses further apart. We came home and I went straight to bed! I was holding back the sick as much as I could with fear, it seemed to work! I sure didn't want to find out what it would be like to throw up when having my mouth wired shut!

I made a Yelp page yesterday so...
My Art Studio is now on Yelp! You can write a review about my Art Business now! YAY!

I am now booked Jan-Feb-March 2012 for art shows! Which is exciting! Sometime I feel like people don't want to show my work or they are bored, it always seems to work out the though and I somehow overbook myself and end up stressing and working nonstop, (I think I secretly like that feeling though)

well it's 12:20 pm right now..... today I go in to get the two vertical wires clipped and in return I get tight bands so I can open my mouth about a mm or 2...(not even enough to slip a M&M in!)
stay tuned.....!

Just had a new collector come to my studio and buy a Hummingbird painting, off to a good start today!

ggrrrr.... can't sleep! It's 2:23am..... maybe I'll watch another scary movie....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Made a new logo design today.... what do you think?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mixing HDR and Hipstamatic
Series titled
"Self Portrait with Broken Jaw and Fur"

Day 11: Everything was good until something "popped" as I was putting wax on some of the wires and the pain kicked so bad it was instant tears and dropping the F bomb... don't know what happen but now I'm in bed medicated with ice packs and pillows, hopefully to pass out soon.... this is the most pain I've been in yet in this whole ordeal!

They're Here! get yours quick! they are limited Edition Urban Soule Lucky Cats and Buddhas! Made of Porcelain $35.- ($10.- shipping if applicable)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's been ten days since my jaw surgery and I've been wired shut, most of this time I have been drugged up and sleeping, averaging a few sporadic hours awake a day,which is weird to me that I can sleep this long, all the pain I was having before the surgery is now gone, I have the pain of the bone being cut, a deep aching/throbbing, the muscle spasms, tingling sensations and the pinching of the wires between my teeth. My parents asked me if I thought the surgery was worth it, my answer, definitely! Yeah, it's no fun having your mouth wired shut or the straight up fear you have before the surgery but I lucked out, I hardly had any swelling,bruising or bleeding, Never got sick, never freaked out (yet)...
I saw my surgeon on Monday and he said that I am healing very fast,the surgery went perfect and this coming Monday he is going to clip the wires! (the very thin ones running up an down) he is going to replace them with very tight rubber bands,I will still have the bars/brackets on the top and bottom,which are wired to around my teeth, but with the bands it will allow me some movement! YAY!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Made a new webpage for my kitschy items on my website today! More fun stuff to be added soon!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity -EDGAR ALLAN POE
I adventured to the "outside" world today, being it's been since last Tuesday, I've been drugged and in bed sleeping 22 hrs a day, it started with a dream I had last night about a finding a chair at Goodwill, when I awoke today I somehow convinced Bill I was well enough to go out.... he took me to Goodwill, people stared a lot,I was wearing the white head brace, I felt like it was 200 degrees and I was going to faint,my pain medicine wore off, I was using the cart to hold myself up, needless to say,I didn't find the chair....we made it home.... I think for now I am happier in my drug induced secret world I have created in my head tucked away from everyone, alone in my room.......
(tomorrow I see the surgeon again at 4pm)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Today was icky, don't feel good, I have a pain to the left of my belly button, feels like someone stabbed me there, hurts to touch it too... feeling bummed out, Monday I meet with the surgeon again.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Laid in bed and Watched some movies with my friend Eleanor, took naps on and off, made it to the second season of Twin Peaks... getting bruising now... Pain still there, face starting to turn yellowish, looks like I have jaundice in spots! I drank a couple really good coffee smoothies today, will post the recipes tmrw....time to sleep!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's been two days after surgery, I feel like it's been longer, I've slept most of the time, getting woke up to take more medicine, just to fall asleep again, the real world and my dream world feel like they're morphing into one.... When I can I try to write a blog post, the longest I've stayed awake in one stretch has been about 3 hrs since my surgery, otherwise I average about 30 minutes, then sleep 1-3 hours, my time clock is way off!
I decided to start a Twin Peaks marathon with myself, so far I watched season one, My good Friend Eleanor came and hung out with me today, actually she came and took care of me all day (Thank you EL!), so she got sucked into it today too.

The Won Ton soup I had blended last night (was SO GOOD) but I had to pull chunks out of the wires for a long time! It hurt too! so far I really haven't eaten much, some diluted apple sauce,juice, a couple protein shakes and lots of water, it hurts to swallow and the bars hurt my gums if something to hot or to cold touches them..... whine :(
The muscle spasms are strange......I get them in my neck and throughout my right side of my face, feeling some numbness but not to much, mainly in bottom lip area, tomorrow I get to start adding moist heat to my face, so far it's just been all ice and I get to take the "head bra" off so I can shower and wash my hair! YAY! ( I feel like I'm getting dreads in the day I haven't showered, gross I know!)
Bill went to go find some fish tank tubing to fit the end of my food syringe, it didn't come with one so when I squirt the food in my mouth it just goes straight into the wires! I also asked him if he would stop at Starbucks and get me a coffee and update everyone there on my surgery.... I'll be having a coffee soon! YUM!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Here's today X-ray showing the wires... on the left side of the picture you can see where he cut the bone(it's the vertical black line)
Day after surgery:
Woke up about 4am with my bottom wires lodged into the inside of my lip, bleeding,swollen and drooling! Hurt a bunch! went back to sleep and my boyfriend had to get up to give me all my medicines...(thank you dear)
the wires hurt and my neck muscle but my jaw bone itself is actually fine, so far the only bruising I have is on my hand where they put the IV in! I hardly even have swelling,after my Surgeons check up today we stopped at Starbucks so I could get a coffee, it's sure funny when people want to stare but try not to.... I had all the head gear on with ice packs and all! After I smiled and thanked the guy for my drink he tipped over a bunch of cups, it was funny! We also stopped to get some Won Ton soup, Bill blended it up but it was to thick to go through the wires so I drank the broth, it was really good! I started a Twin Peaks Marathon, I seem to fall asleep pretty fast after taking all the pain killers, so its 20 minutes here and there....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wired shut now....

The surgery went well, took a few hours I got the about 7am and was "under" about 8am, everyone was so nice! I'm in a lot of pain,trying to write this before my cute Nurse Bill (my boyfriend, Thank you for caring for me) comes back with the pain medicine and I get knocked out again! The surgeon was telling us how the saw blades break all the time, but in my surgery they didn't! thank goodness! My throat and lips hurt the most, the medicine burns my throat since it's so raw from the tubes... well and I guess where the wires are touching the inside of my bottom lip next to my gums (where that thin piece of skin is )
my nose and mouth keep draining blood which is gross!

I have to sleep sitting up, not so bad so far....
so a little personal info:
I'm 5'7 and 162lbs as of today!
the surgeon said I will loose some weight, anywhere from 10 to 50 pounds!
okay! I'm struggling, ready to sleep now.....

Monday, October 3, 2011

Alright! it's the night before my jaw surgery! I go in at 7am and am "under" at 8am, out the same day! I have 2 more hours to drink liquids and eat solid food, 10 hours before surgery.....
I'm freaking out but trying to keep calm and have a good sense of humor... however, as the time gets nearer I am stressing out more, not so scared of "going under" (I've been in that black void many times) it's more the waking up, having my jaw wired shut and knowing that the surgeon just used a saw to cut my jaw bone in half...I will be writing about my experience here on my blog (with photos of course!) I'll try to post often, but please beware of the drug induced ranting and spelling errors! Thanks for reading and I hope you join me in this adventure!

x-ray of Bone on bone (yeah, it hurts!)
(my disguise for after the surgery)