Monday, August 27, 2012

Peacock Aviary going up!

Worked in the yard again today at the new house.... cut down a lot of dying and diseased trees/shrubs, 
you can see the fence!
Here's the Arborvitae I cut down, they were all bent and hanging to the ground, dead on the inside. They will be replaced with Bamboo along the fence
OMG! This corner SUCKED!!!! it had numerous Holly trees, blackberry bramble, an old dying rose bush and ivy, I trimmed the Ivy and found a lovely Purple,Deadly Night Shade vine.
and during the yard clean up we were working on the frame for the large Aviary for the Peacocks..

it's 16ft long, 8ft wide and 6.5ft tall
The birds will love it (I hope) 
We still have more framing to do and I'm waiting for the bird netting to be delivered.
Tomorrow morning we pick up the moving truck so we will be loading it up, unfortunately (as of this minute) the under writer hasn't finished the paper work so we could close on the house today and get the key, we'll see, hopefully they will write a bit quicker and get it done! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Before and After Pix!!!! WOWZA!

We did SO much yard work at the new house today... these are all before and after pictures!

back yard...That's all an old,old Wisteria along the fence, with white flowers..
we still have more work to do, but at least today we got the "brunt" of it done, 
I need to go back and with the tree trimmers and cut back the blackberries and trees.
This Wisteria is crazy big! It needs some trimming, to the right of the gate is where the peacocks will go, I think we're going to try to build the frame for their new pen tomorrow, it will be roughly 8ft wide, 6ft tall and 16ft long, they will love it!
Check out the Wisteria Seed Pod! Awesome! 
This is behind the garage....
and we found another nice path!

These last two are just different views of the house...
With the backside...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Three days left!

Getting the house all packed up, cleaned and ready to move, we pick up the U-haul truck on Tuesday! I'm getting excited!

Of course I want to start out with some new items at the "new" house so I went to Ikea (my favorite) I bought a new bag, gray towels and a cool clock!

and of course some new succulents for all my vintage pottery!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Antique Bed Frame for the Guest Bedroom

During all the packing and cleaning, I found my beautiful, carved,Chinese head board and foot board stored away in a closet for... oh about 7 years... shame on me. It's for a full bed, which I don't have, we use a queen size. So now that we purchased a house and it has ample space and we'll have an extra bedroom, we thought it would be nice to have a "guest" bedroom. I'm thinking finally, I will be able to let this beauty out to shine!

Not sure how old it is,If anyone has any idea please let me know!
It's solid wood and no nails that I can see...
(closer detail)

I haven't been able to find any like it in my internet searches.. 
(Detail of the Bats and Fruit)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ikea MARIUS Stool Re-Color

The Ikea MARIUS stool is a great product for only $5.99, each year Ikea seems to come out with yet another batch of colors for them, I bought orange ones a few years back. They lived on my outdoor, uncovered patio since, took a beating and have had many butts, feet, bugs, spills and who knows what else on them! They are still in good shape but the sun, rain and snow took a toll on the bright orange, they faded badly, I thought about sticking them out on the street with a free sign on them, then thought "these little guys deserve better!" So I brought them into my studio and gave them all a new coat of paint! 

Here's the faded orange "before" picture
I wiped all the cob webs and dirt off before painting (duh!)
I was going to sand them lightly, but I decided I didn't want to put much effort into them,
being that I can buy them so cheap...
I chose a White, Rhino Gray and  Black in the Montana Paint colors, I still have a brand new Orange stool still in the package, I'll have to put it together and photograph the full set....
as you can see on the Rhino Gray one, the seat looks a bit rough, that was due to wear on the plastic seat.
I think over all they came out good for a quick spray paint job and mini-makeover!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ode to Marcel Marceau a Legendary Mime

(22 March 1923 – 22 September 2007)
Wearing white face paint, soft shoes and a battered hat topped with a red flower, Marcel Marceau, notably through his famed personage Bip the Clown, played the entire range of human emotions onstage for more than 50 years, never uttering a word.
Offstage, however, he was famously chatty. “Never get a mime talking. He won’t stop,” he once said.
That statement is VERY true! I was once a mime! Now that I'm out of my box I talk nonstop!
A French Jew, Marceau survived the Holocaust — and also worked with the French Resistance to protect Jewish children, Marcel started miming as a way of keeping children quiet as they were escaping to neutral Switzerland
His biggest inspiration was Charlie Chaplin. Marceau, in turn, inspired countless young performers — Michael Jackson borrowed his famous “moonwalk” from a Marceau sketch, “Walking Against the Wind.”

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Sunday with Ciscoe....

Today, I took the day off from packing and cleaning the house!  I was in desperate need of a break, this moving thing is starting to get to me.
So my best friend EL'D-O drove all the way from Snohomish and we spent the day at the
 Highline Botanical Gardens
They hosted an ice cream social, a silent auction and a plant sale but the best part was
Ciscoe Morris was speaking about ten- "Do's and Dont's" of gardening!
I did come home with a few types of Ornamental Grasses, Two Aloes, Some "Chicks and Hens", Other Succulents, Ferns and Maidenhair Vines.
Yes... I LOVE gardening, I learned it from my Mother, she was/is an avid gardener. She could grow anything! 

 Me geeking out on Ciscoe!

The crowd and Ciscoe speaking, EL'D-O and I were clearly the youngest at the event... 
Boy did we have fun, Ciscoe is such a GREAT story teller! He had the crowd laughing and he has good advice! But.... if he ever offers to use a backhoe or is operating one, I would stay a far distance away according to a few stories he told today!
Some pretty plants and flowers I saw.
A nice butter yellow Lotus in the pond

These were beautiful orange and paper like pedals, almost like a poppy, not sure what the are...

I really want some of this ground cover...
Blue Hydrangea
the small water fall leading to the pond

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Outdoor Seating for todays BBQ/Potluck

We had a wonderful Potluck/BBQ today, Thanks to everyone who came today! I had so much fun I didn't even take pictures! But here's a couple of pix of the outdoor seating..
Mention of seating, I counted my chairs and stools I have for indoor and outdoors... I have over 50 chairs and stools! What's my problem!? Clearly an "addiction".... my son says I should consult a psychiatrist and get a logical answer for my chair collecting "addiction". I look at it as I'm high on the chair status chain and I can accommodate plenty of guests if needed! No problem here... no way! Maybe denial? Nah!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I love Casters!

Have been packing a lot of stuff I've accumulated over the years, also been purging some of it, I decided before we move I wanted my Ikea Expedit bookcases to be more "mobile" so we added the caster bars to the biggest shelf tonight, they don't recommend it but I'm up for taking the chance, hopefully it's still sturdy once I put all the books back on it in the new house! I have two other the smaller shelves which I will do the same once I empty them, the other two will work as divider walls in my new studio...
David A. Fisher patented the furniture caster in 1876.
Thanks David! 
Want to know a little history about the Caster?

All the books are packed up!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

They're Here!!!!!

They've arrived! Look at them! I can't wait to put them together and sit my arse in them!

Oh so Fiberglassalicious! In Elephant Gray!

I had to pack them back in the box disassembled because.... 

We went and done bought a house!!!! YEAH! 
Look at the color! Look at that Spray Painted Totem Pole! 
Look at the deck! LOOK! LOOK!
 We should be moving within a month or less! 
Look at the TURQUOISE garage doors!
My favorite colors!
The left side garage door will be my new studio! 
We're going to add a private side door and a wall down the center of the inside to divide it, so my man has a private side to tinker around in!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pagholtz Chair Refinishing Project....

I've had these chairs I picked up at a road side junk shop here in Seattle, they are made of
Rosewood and by Pagholz circa 1960. Manufactured in West Germany. 
They were in grave condition when I found them , they needed some work and I procrastinated forever, I kept them under a tarp in the garage until tonight, when I got a hankering to wax the wood and shine them rusty old legs.
I'm SO happy with the way turned out! Now they can come inside the house and I I don't have to hide them anymore!

Before the wax.... (dry and sad) :(
after the wax! Look at that shine! 
I swear I heard the wood moaning in pleasure as I rubbed the wax into it!
side by side.... look at the difference!
Four shiny, happy chairs!
Some of the legs gliders are broken or missing, so I'm going to replace them with the black, rubber leg caps I so love, I like them because they don't scratch the floors... and are quieter.
I used Nevr- Dull on the legs, it really helped shine them up and get rid of most of the rust spots.
and Howard Feed & Wax on the wood, they were so dry it soaked right in, I may have to do a 2nd coat on them. Both are great products.