Friday, October 26, 2012

Black,White and Gray Days...

So GREAT news! My Biopsy came back clear! Nothing to worry about! YAY!

I'm working on some Porcelain Hand Painted Spoons, They will be available in my Etsy shop soon!
And today's Thrift Finds: 
a GIANT 15" Round 13" tall Fat Lava White and Black Planter,
Set of Rubber Somethings... (Trivets?) I bought a sh*t Ton of them, I'm thinking of hooking them together and making a curtain/screen out of them... or maybe a round light shade... I dunno...
Found a Charcoal Gray and Black plaid, Wool blanket and a White and Gray vintage, tweed like, table cloth!
What a great day!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day after surgery....

I had an Arthrocentesis on my left jaw, biopsy on my lip and a spot lazered off next to my right on (not pictured) the triple whammy!

This is when I got home from surgery yesterday,
my lip before and after
laying in bed, starting to swell and bruise...
over night it bruised and swelled up a lot, today feels like someone hit me with a baseball bat....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

PoP Funk Serving Trays

"PoP Funk" Serving Trays 
coming soon to
Dimensions: 12x12 (inch) 
Materials: Metal, Spray Paints, Mixed Mediums 
Price: TBA

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Enter to Win this Custom...

I'm learning as I grow older, even though a mind can stay young, your body will not! And once again I need another jaw surgery, this time on the left side and unfortunately a biopsy (on my lip) and the removal of a "spot" next to my eye, it all happen quite suddenly within the last week and both (well three) surgeries are happening this Friday at 7am, So.. I am having a small fundraiser to offset
the price, if you donate (any amount) you will be Entered to WIN, ONE Eames Style (reproduction) Dowel base chair.

Custom painted to your liking (you get to choose what you would like painted on it) the winners name will be drawn randomly, (you will be entered per dollar you donate,so $1= 1 entry, $2= 2entries..etc) if the donation is over $10.00 you will receive an Urban Soule gift certificate for the amount donated in addition to being entered to win. . You can make donations through Paypal to email urbansoule(at) Thank you all for your support!
I'm also having a 50% off sale in my Etsy shop, use code OCT50 during checkout to receive the discount,

Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Surgery? ..Here we go again....

Well, Spent the day at my surgeons, I'll be getting another jaw surgery (this time on the left side) this coming Friday, also part of my bottom lip is getting sliced off and stitched up, 
it's going to be biopsied because of a spot that doubled in size on it,and I'm getting a spot next to my eye burned off... fun way to start the week! 
So, if you would like a painting, go to my ETSY Shop and use CODE OCT50 for 50% off the listed prices! all proceeds will go towards my medical!
Other than being REALLY stressed not much to say today...

Here's my Peahen giving me a dance! 
and some patterns in my house!

Monday, October 8, 2012


:(  bye,bye my lady, RIP, she was 6yrs old... My sweet Madagascar Hissing Roach....   she was my pet and I enjoyed her greatly for 6 years

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lots of stuff! .....

In appreciation to all my clients, friends and fans here is a 50% off code for any item in my Etsy shop! Code: OCT50 (use at check out)
Good for October ONLY!
Happy Shopping!

Also I will be releasing a Cushion/Pillow line called:
 " RelaxovaÅ¥ "
(Slovak for "Relax")
I've been collecting vintage & new fabrics for a few years now, as well as hand printing and designing my own patterns..each cushion will be handmade by me, each one will also be different and original! 
This week I bought Ikea black and white striped fabric, vintage mustard and black butchers twine, other gray and mustard pattern fabric and a vintage Japanese embroidered horse!
The last few days consisted of lots of random DIY projects around the house...
such as I decided to rip out the Trash Compactor...I thought it would just slide out but....
they put in the counter top over it, so there was a 1/4 lip over hang...
 seriously... it got stuck... I left it over night, then the next morning went nuts and tore it apart ...
 I found the gray cart at Ikea, it fits perfect in the space, first I have to replace the subflooring and tile...
here's some more DIY:
with Martha Stewart's Terra Cotta "Gravel" color paint
I took my ceramic wiener dog and coated him in the gray/gravel paint, it gave him a  faux concrete look
 then I took my cook jar and did the same...
and that's about it....
on a drive today I saw my very first Broccoli field/farm...
it was AWESOME! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coming soon to my Home......

Bitchin' Concrete Coasters by Agrestal Designs 
She's made some awesome Home Products that are definitely worth checking out!
Amee is based right outside of Seattle, I had a nice conversation with her tonight and am ordering a set of 6 of these bad ass coasters (pictured)
She sells them in a set of 4 but can make as many as you need/want,
I'm excited to meet her in person and pick them up!
If your local in the Seattle you can check out her products in the following PLACES
Or visit her ETSY SHOP and she can ship them to you.
I love the Diamond Plate, Textured, Pattern... oooh! and the Rust finish!
Visit the Official Agrastal Designs Website HERE
 I have some ideas brewing in my noggin' that I may have to hire her for if she's up to it.... 
something to do with these tiles...

 I also have to.... well... want to, pick up one of these trivets from her in the near future too! 
(all pictures above are property and copyright © of Agrestal Designs)

I totally have a crush on concrete right now,
remember my entry way I just painted to look like concrete...we're lovin' it!
My Mr. and I would love concrete kitchen counters one day..... off today dreaming now!