Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Faux Heads....

Coming to URBANSOULE.COM  in March......
Faux Animal Heads!
We all love em'.... you know you want one...

I am taking pre-order requests for the following animals in any color you want!

Buffalo: Size: 18"H x 12"L X 10"D $130.-
Deer: Size: 20"W x 15.75"H x 12.75"D $130.-
Moose: Size: 23"W x 20"H x 12.75"D $130.-
 (order all three for $360.-)
(tax and shipping not included in listed price)

You can send an email to
please specify what animal and what custom color you would like it to be!

I'm still working on them so please excuse the photos......
I'll have better ones soon... I promise!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Made in the USA

I'm finally making back into my studio to paint after weeks of having a intimate relationship with a cold/flu that doesn't want to leave me.... (I wish it would find someone better, I'm not worthy of it's love)
Anyway, I started a huge American Flag painting on canvas.....
It does having some hidden (and not so hidden) meanings within it...
(I'm sure you can figure them out)

Here's some process photos:
adding stripes...

and more detail/close ups
The stripes are gray and black with red (and various other color) showing through, along with the the collage of newspapers and Naval Warship Turbines peaking from underneath the 13 stripes.
I still need to add the 50 white stars over the bulls eye in the blue square.
I have a feeling this is leading into a full series of Flag paintings....
I love stripes ya know!
See more of my paintings at

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gettin' Organized Damn it!

Now that we're getting settled into the new house, I've been wanting to de-clutter and buy some pieces of furniture that are well made,will last, will be kid/critter proof, look good and have a modern feel to them.
Asking to much? 
I searched and searched until I decided on the
 black, leather, Florence Loveseat 

It arrived a few days ago!
Such a beauty!
I like it so much I ordered the sofa (three seat) version
to be delivered at the end of the month

As all who know me, I like to collect, buy and sell it's a bit of a challenge for me to part with certain things but I've been doing it!
My goal is to have the house and yard minimal so I can focus on other things and not have to clean/dust/weed and all that crud on my free time.

This Spring I'm going to have another (HUGE) yard sale, so if your interested, keep an eye on this blog because I'll be posting the info here.

Today I worked on my office, it needed to be organized badly...
after taxes and a busy start to the new year it quickly became a mess!
Here is the before picture:

and the after picture with my new Craftsman four drawer cart!

I wanted something sturdy to hold the printer and something that will fit all my random office supplies..
Much better!
I have the bigger version of it in my art studio, so if I ever want to rearrange I can move this to the studio and it will match the other.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Leather,Deer and timeless design...

Just ordered a Florence Leather loveseat!
I've been wanting this sofa for a few years now, I really like it in the Charcoal grey wool, but with kids and critters, I figured I'd better go with the sturdier choice and get  leather...
 Can't wait to photograph my art above it for my website!

And purchased this wonderful Original,Deer painting by Sarah Atkinson called "In the thicket #2"
It's mixed media (wax, tar and paint )
now to get it framed!