Friday, March 29, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Urban Soule Logo Tee Pre-Sale

Alright! As of right now I have the following sizes of the Urban Soule Logo t-shirt left:
Womans (fitted) $25
0xMedium Dark Gray SOLD OUT
4xLarge Dark Gray
2xSmall Black
2xMedium Black
2xLarge Black
MENS: $25ea
2xMedium Black
1xLarge Black
3xExtra Large Black
They're selling quick so get your pre order in!
email: with your size and color and I will invoice you!
Free USA Shipping!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Beverly Hills 90210

Remember that show?
 oh yes... dark tans, Jeans and Tori Spelling....and so much DRAMA!

I will be visiting Beverly Hills in May!
I got accepted in the Beverly Hills artSHOW
Very exciting to be with 250 other artists showing and selling our art in the Beverly Gardens Park 
May 19th-20th 2013
I am so excited to get some SUN and dry weather, average temperatures are around 65 degrees, so much better than our Seattle,dark rainy May....
I'm working on a lot of new art pieces to bring to the show....
Also if you would like to Pre-Order Urban Soule t-shirts send me an email, with your size and I'll send you an invoice. Shirts are black with a black & white logo, available in Men and Woman's (woman's are fitted)
Cotton blend. $25 includes shipping
Shirts will be sent out around the 2nd week of April.
Email: to order yours today!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Logo in the making....

I've been waning an "Official" Logo for some time and didn't, nor have the time to do one, a few designers backed out so I thought if I want one, I'm going to have to do it myself...
I wanted a handmade, papercut/stencil look to it, along with some plant and animals incorporated within it...
so here's what I came up with!
Below is the approved final image,
a graphic designer friend is going to clean up/fine tune the image for me and another friend will be printing shirts and hoodies with the design on it for me!
For all of you who don't know, I have a pet rabbit ("Olive") and two Peacocks ("Peanut" and "Piper")

Monday, March 11, 2013

April Stencil Making Workshops!

Register for my April Stencil workshops!
(they only happen once a year,so be sure to register before all the spaces are gone!)



No country craft stencils here! It looks like silk screening, but it's stenciling!

This workshop jumps into action by guiding you through the entire process from the creation of the stencil,
to applying the stencil image on multiple surfaces,using a variety of mediums. Learn to transfer your images onto fabric, paper, wood and many other surfaces.

This is a very fun, hands-on class so you should wear "painting clothes".

Students are encouraged to give renewed life to their vintage clothes, bags, 100% cotton shirt or fabric. (100% cotton works best but a cotton/poly blend will do, shirts with ribbing (raised vertical lines) do NOT stencil well)
also recommend: pillow cases, tote bags, sketchbooks, canvas, etc... which you should bring to apply your stencil(s) on.

* All paint and other materials will be provided for use in the class only. (including other stencil material, X-acto knife, cutting board and paints)

Bring your own black and white image to use for the stencil
(printed on paper), keep in mind
you may be tracing the image so the simpler and cleaner the lines, the better.

No more than 5 students per class to allow for plenty of individual instruction.

You will leave the class with your printed stenciling samples, instructions, the custom stencils that you designed for this class, and the confidence to personalize your life with creative stenciling designs!

Ages 18+ only. All levels welcome.

Cost: per person (includes materials fee)

Time: Roughly 3-5hrs depending on class option
Deadline is March 31st 2013


(you can pay with Paypal or Credit Card)

You have three class options:
Basic: $125.00 +tax
Learning how to cut and apply one layer

Intermediate: $145.00 + tax
Learning how to cut 2-3 layer stencils

Advanced: $175.00 + tax
Learning to cut 3+ layer stencils for photo-realistic look (such as the Horse pictured above)

Classes will be held the month of April 2013 in my studio in South Seattle.
Dates and times are chosen by you as a student
(upon checkout leave a note specifying the date and time you would like to do the class and I will schedule you)
If you have questions or concerns,feel free to email me at:
or visit my Official Website at:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Originals on Paper.....

These are the current "Licensed" Work  
 and I'm offering the Originals for sale
(painted on 30x44 Paper)
Please email
for more information.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Great Garden -Landscaping Part TWO and then some!

Today's Garden Project: 27 bags of my favorite Black Mulch and building a mini concrete brick wall...
 Getting started along the slate pathway
continuing...with a before and after shot
looks good doesn't it! The black mulch really makes the plants stand out
I made the small concrete brick wall in front and added the same black mulch..
I planted a giant Elephant Ear so that it will take up this empty space in front of our deck ...
a before and after
 Here's some pictures from around my gardens...
I had enough mulch left over to add to the back garden where my Bamboos are...
Colors in the gardens..
 The one Dandelion I didn't pull yet had a beautiful visitor on it...
Look at his bright orange,fuzzy butt!
and of course my Peacocks and their Aviary in the back yard.
And after fertilizing my growing (indoor) Orchid collection, they are taking off with a lot of new growth!
So... as I was writing this blog post, I heard a helicopter...
I went to see where it was at... then another chopper came flying up!
Here they are above my house!
They were searching along with the SWAT Team for a woman who shot her coworker,
they both work for the Seattle Parks and Rec..
Well... they found her at her house which is a few blocks from mine! 
CLICK HERE to read the news stories...

Enough action for today!

I have plenty of work for tomorrows project...

Planting bulbs!
12 Blue Hostas
10 Lilies
7 elephant Ears
8 lily of the Valley
60 Irises
35 Gladioli

It's going to be BEAUTIFUL!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Great Garden- Landscape Begins!

Finally Seattle got a SUN break! YES! 
As soon I saw that bright glowing orb I ran outside, slipped into my rubber boots and put my work gloves on!

Before and After!
I started pulling weeds like crazy!
Oh it's looking so good and I'm gardening in the sun and fresh air...
Look at this! I'm almost finished with the side of the house!
What? What the Hell is going on? Did I just get sprayed with a hose? 
Um NO! Frinkin' RAIN!
Major down pour in a matter of minutes... no more sun... (insert major cursing here)

continuing into the next day... I woke up to sun and blue sky again!
I ran back outside...
We went plant shopping! 
(When I say we, It means my Mr. drove me to the Nursery and I excitedly shopped and talked about plants while he tried to be patient, he was a GREAT sport today, Thank You Honey Buns!)
I brought home...

Four Hellebores

Four Lavender,  Four Lupine
Two flats of mixed Sedums, Four Deschamosis Grass

 Two Silver Knight Heather,  Purple and Green Euphorbia (planted last fall),
Two Pyramid Purple Heather
 Two Pampas Grass,a Japanese Cedar
An Apple Green Orchid

a Snowdrift Clematis and Four Crocus
and... last but not last on my list...
Elephant Ear, Yellow King Humbert Canna,Candidum Caladium,
and White Tulips...
Geesh! I got them all planted too! 
I can't wait until they grow bigger, there's a few more plants on my list but I have to wait until the nursery gets them in...
Hostas, Ferns, more Euphorbia,  more grasses.... I really want a Witch Hazel Tree... oh and another Japanese maple... oh... and ...more Hellebores... ooh and some Agave..
Mention of Agave...
Here's three Beauties I saw at the nursery...
(I didn't bring home, I shoulda' though..)

 I want to have such a BEAUTIFUL Garden that I can be part of the Local Garden Tours...
I would  like to show off my handy work (blood,seat and tears)... and get a little praise from fellow green thumbs.....