Thursday, July 11, 2013

Make a Mirror- Thursday Tutorial

I was given a couple of glass frames with posters in them, I really didn't know what to do with them but the glass and frame are good, not so much my style of art though... I thought about making some art to fit into them but instead I did this!
 I really wanted to try out Krylons "Looking Glass" spray paint....
Here we go...
First gather your supplies: I used:
-Glass and Wood Framed Print
-Krylon "Looking Glass" Spray Paint
-GLASS! (the most important)
 starting top left going clockwise..
The framed print... (I just wanted the frame and glass)
I took the print out and tossed it,
I laid the glass (still in the frame) on my work table, your going to be painting the back side of the glass, so be sure it's "front" is face down on the table, I left my glass in the frame so it would be easier to move around and lift up to check the other side. 
Can of Krylon "Looking "Glass" spray paint
as you can see in the bottom right picture I sprayed a little on the side, it comes out of the can a dull greyish/silver color...
Clean your glass of dirt/spots or whatever, make sure its dry before starting.
As you spray the first coat onto the glass you'll notice a blotchy haze appear, let it dry and disappear before spraying any more. When you spray don't use heavy coats, I was doing them very lightly.
I clamped the hanging wire that's attached to the frame so it was out of the way. 
In the first picture you can see the haze as it dries, as I said it comes out a very dull grey/silver.
Be sure to let it dry in between each coat.  
Lift the frame as you add additional coats to check your progress and look for any spots you might have missed, the bottom right picture is the reflection of the can from the "front" side of the glass, I was checking for missed spots, so far at this picture I added three coats.

This is after four coats, it's definitely becoming a mirror!
So five coats total, my frame/glass size is 3x3 ft
I used 1.5 cans of the paint.

 I didn't have any problems with blotches,streaking or running. I did read other tutorials before I started and a lot of people did have problems or they said the paint wasn't that "mirror" like... mine came out like a new mirror, it is very shiny and clear. 
I am going to paint the frame and hang is somewhere... so there will be an update with final pictures...
Stay Tuned!
If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to leave a comment below!