Friday, January 31, 2014


Fun New paint colors for some new paintings I'm working on!


Boris has had a limp since his play date with Lexi,  poor guy, it's getting better and we narrowed it down to his paw, I couldn't find anything on it, until today I squeezed out a sliver? or thorn? out of the top of his toe...
He's so sweet, he let me treat daily, wrap it up, ice and heat it.... what a good boy!
He's been very cuddly since his paw hurts
His new toy is the laundry basket!
and a new napping spot

Thursday, January 30, 2014

12th Man

12th Man panel I made for The Draft in Tulalip

 Seahawks, Sonics,Sounders and Mariners panels hung in the Draft

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Fun with color in the studio!
More to come soon!


Boris had his first puppy play date witha lovely gal we me at the beach the other day, her name is Lexi
He was so warn out he's been sleeping all day!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Day in the Studio

Had a full day in the Studio yesterday, it was so nice!
Here's a sneak peek of what I'm working on....

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jan 26th Food

I was in the studio all day so I only consumed LARGE amount of coffee,
When I cam in I made a home made tortilla shell taco salad with Tofu

First Trip to the Beach

Saturday we took another day trip to the local beach at Salt Water State Park
This time we took Boris..
He still is a little unsure of car rides, he tries to jump up front with me so this time I buckled him in the back with his harness. It seemed to work well although he whined about not being able to run a muck...
it was his first BIG outing out of the neighborhood
 He was loving all the sites,people and smells and other dogs!
He loved the Barnacles and clam shells.
It was a lovely day and the water had a great calm feel to it.
Even Boris took a moment to soak it all in...
Min (our daughter) and Boris enjoyed the view from the rocks.
 He met a lovely dame named Lexi, they played so nicely together, us humans exchanged numbers, when it was time to leave Lexi, Boris cried the rest of the walk, I think he fell in love. We're going to have a puppy play date with her soon. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jan 25th Food

Todays Food:

Fresh Juice:
Slice of Lemon,Orange,Two Apples, One Green Onion,Ginger and Turmeric
Multi Grain Toast with Organic Brown Egg
Potatoes scrambled with Tomato and a wee bit of cheese.
 skipped due to big breakfast
Chicken soft Taco with Lettuce,Cheese,Potato,Sour Cream and Ketchup

On the right Path

I'm letting the Universe guide me on my quest, I must listen and watch closely.

I took this as another sign of what to do.

I was thrifting and came across these boots
 (I haven't looked at shoes in a few years months, due to my love of hoarding shoes I never wear)
I liked the style, they're in good shape, practically new, leather and fit like a glove. I paid $9.99 the brand is Kalso Earth Shoes....
I got home and Googled the brand to see if I got a real bargain... (I sure did)  and to see why thee sole is shaped like it is..
as you can see the sole is thinner/lower at the heel and thicker/higher at the toe.
Well, I liked the familiar feeling the boots gave, I couldn't place it, but I like it.
 Once I read about them I new I was on the right path leading me on my quest

It´s a story that goes back more than 40 years...

Anne Kalsø was born in the Faroe Islands off Denmark in 1905. Her life was defined by a deep immersion in the study of yoga, and the fundamental belief that wellness principles needn't be reserved for just one aspect of an individual's life, but could be wholly integrated as part of an everyday existence.
Kalsø 's passion for yoga led her to study in Switzerland and eventually in Santos, Brazil. It was there, in 1957, that she observed the excellent posture of indigenous Brazilians, and the impressions left by their bare footprints as they walked through beach sand. She observed that the footprints laid were deeper in the heels than in the toes. This natural body position resonated with the thoughtful Kalsø . It echoed a formative yoga pose she knew well – Tadasana (the 'Mountain' pose).
As she herself emulated the pose of the native Brazilians, she noticed how her own posture improved, and how her breathing passages opened. She was inspired.

Returning to Denmark, Kalsø enlisted the help of a Portuguese shoe maker to begin what would become a 10-year process to design the original Kalsø Shoe. Although not a shoemaker by trade, Kalsø was deeply immersed in the process of shoe development -- even testing prototype models on long hikes that covered hundreds of miles. According to Kalsø , "it took numerous years of hard work before I reached the final form of my shoe that takes into consideration all the natural demands of the foot and body. It is only now that I know I have created something. It is no longer an idea in my mind, but is something that is thoroughly tested and proven."

Kalsø began selling her shoes from a modest storefront in Copenhagen. Those who discovered her shoes became passionate about their benefits. Many reported that the shoes helped ease chronic foot and body problems. Expectedly, people from around the world inquired about the shoes. But Kalsø insisted that they be experienced in-person prior to being worn.

Even with such interest and fervor, it was not until the mid-to-late 1960's that Kalsø entertained the idea of expansion – ultimately exploring retail beyond Denmark. And specifically in the United States.

April 1st, 1970 would mark the much-heralded opening of the first United States distribution point for Kalsø 's shoes. Coinciding with the first Earth Day, the name of the shoes - on the spot – was changed to "Kalsø Earth Shoes" and capitalized on the youthful movement and energy that defined the day. The trajectory of a wellness enterprise was underway. With much thanks and credit going to a Danish yoga instructor, a belief that wellness could be part of everyone's daily existence, and a simple shoe.
 I used to teach Hatha Yoga, Tibetan Meditation and followed the teachings of the Medicine Buddha when I lived at the Oregon coast, I quit about 8 years ago.No reason, other than moving to Seattle. I hardly practiced after I quit teaching....again no reason....
The feeling of the mountain pose was the familiar feeling I was having. As I wear these boots, the pain in my back and joints is displaced and not as noticeable. Indeed they make me stand tall and straight.
Part of my Healthy Quest is practicing Yoga again, being Mindful and Meditating.
I shall begin today.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Food Today

I didn't start juicing yet, I think I might slowly easy back into it, having one or two as meal replacements. 
Today's food:
Breakfast: Vanilla Almond Milk Shake
Lunch: Jimmy Johns Italian Sub
Dinner: Whole Grain Penne, with Alfredo,Olives,Green Onions,Roma Tomato and Sliced Kielbasa
Ate a little on the heavy side today, hopefully juice and salads tmrw!

New Postcards Coming!

I design mine with Vistaprint

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Healthy Choices

Do you ever feel like you need to re start new? Or maybe you would like a new in a new body or even just to feel better and healthy, a clear mind, relaxed muscles, smoother skin.....
a fresh start... I feel like my mind and body need a whole fresh cleanse...and I've been feeling it for awhile, also putting it off. I won't go into detail but the Universe is sending me signs that I need to start a cleanse and make healthy choices NOW and not later... later might be to late....

Have you seen this documentary?
You should...  click HERE if you want to watch it right now.

I watched it when I had my major jaw surgery a few years ago and was wired HERE to read  that story! I wanted to prepare myself for some major juicing so I watched the movie... I lost 40lbs during the whole ordeal , granted I couldn't eat any solid food if I wanted to but I felt healthy and GREAT!
Once I could eat solids again I did, with a vengeance! I craved meat, chips, soda, sugar, candy, you name it. Of course I gained all the weight back, so last summer I grew my own veggies and ate healthy again, cut out whites and sugars, switched to whole grains, juiced and ate lots of raw fruits and veggies. Now of course Fall and Winter came and my garden is gone. The cycle starts again... packaged foods, comfort foods, warm coffees and peppermint cocoas. I do need to say, I don't struggle with my weight, I struggle with how I feel, If I don't feel good, I know I need to change my eating habits. I am currently 35lbs over my average weight.So I would like to shed some lbs in the process but it's not a big deal nor required. With that said I cleaned out the fridge and went food shopping,
I'm prepared to juice and to start another healthy quest to feeling great again, I can walk my dog
If I can get him up from
napping again next to the heater
He can be my partner and I can be his. We make a great pair.
Seattle has been BEAUTIFUL the past week, in the 50's and blue sky!
so it's perfect timing to start.
I does help me if I post pictures of my food, I tend to stick with it longer if I'm showing the world what I eat.
So be prepared for some foodie blog posts coming up..
Would you like to join me on my quest?
Please do! You'll feel better, I promise!
Watch the documentary above and leave your thought on it below...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love and Blues

Pretty Blues....
Custom Inquiries at
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kellens Story via Dog Milk

A Simply amazing story...
go get some tissues before you click the link...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Today with Boris...

Spent most of the day with Boris, I weeded the side gardens, he helped dig holes and tip the weed bucket over.
Boris saw the neighbor cat walking along the fence so he thought he'd better give it a try
didn't work out to well for him
Took him for a walk and he met some new friends, we've always avoided them but decided today we introduce ourselves, they were very sweet. Boris didn't want to leave them.
Lunch time
posing on the Eames chair
getting BIG!