Monday, July 27, 2015

Steel Malmo Chimenea Review

I get a lot of question regarding my Steel Malmo Chimenea
so I thought I would post pictures of it.

It's held up great, I purchased it in March 2015, so it's been through rain and shine.
It does not have a screen at the top or bottom to prevent embers from flying or falling, so far I haven't had a problem with them. There is a rack to hold wood on the bottom.
 The flames shoot out the top, it gets very hot, the steel heats up too. I don't recommend touching it or having children or pets near it, unless they keep a few foot distance.
 I keep the Bamboo behind it trimmed back to it doesn't burn or singe the leaves. 
The first time I used it, it didn't cross my mind and the bamboo got really singed from about 17" inches away!
 It was very easy to put together, I did it myself, it took about a half hour.
 I have it placed on top of  a 20" concrete paver so it's not directly on the ground and it helps to keep it stabilized on the gravel. It's 59" tall and the base is about 15" square.
The area it sits in is about a 12ftx12ft area, I can lay on the hammock and be warm just fine.
I would say it heats about a 6-8ft radius, but that really depends on wind and other factors of course.
 After the first use, the black coating on the steel did turn a bit gray on the sides, which you can see in the pictures. 
However,I like the look of it and don't mind it weathering. I almost bought the rusted version of it, but decided on the black since it will naturally weather/patina over time.
You do need to have smaller pieces of wood to burn to fit inside of it.
Here it is in use.  (make sure nothing is above it as the flames sometimes shoot 1-3ft out the top, depending on what type of wood your burning..
I would like to purchase another one for the other side of the garden once I'm finished with the landscaping.
Over all, I give it 5 out of  5 stars and would purchase it again.
Any other questions?
Please leave them in the comments below!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015