Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Planting today

I decided to go with the "island' in the center of the yard with some tropical inspired plants.

Let's take a tour! 

Looking East from the patio..
 I planted miniclover along the pathway
 I love that black bark, I use it everywhere in the gardens, it gives it a modern look and makes the plants stand out. Plus when the Miniclover fills in the pathway it will be a nice contrast!
 looking at the Red Grass corner with the Cold Hardy banana.
 along the pathway,looking back
 the pillars, we still need to add the rebar, put the tops on and finish painting them blue
 I did add a few more plants since I took these photos this morning.
I'm pulled some Blue Fescue, Hostas and Freesia from other parts of the garden and added them in here. I'm also extending the block wall in the back there, it will  border both sides of the yard to the back gate.
 I also need to grab a few more step stones for this pathway and the block wall will continue on this side along the Bamboo and Bananas.

 and the "below" garden, 
Miniclover is growing fast! This is day 7 after planting.

 a close up, I did add another batch of seed to fill in the gaps

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

the wrestling pit.....and miniclover

This is.... was the dogs wrestling pit.... see other post HERE

Here it is before...

I seed the whole area with a mix of Miniclover and a small amount of White clover on Aug 12th, I dont like looking at the dirt, I need green....
Here it is Aug 16th, starting to sprout
and today, Aug 18th
Definitely coming in quick! The dogs and I have been walking on it, it doesn't seem to hurt it at all.

Tropical in Seattle

New Plants for the Garden....
I think I'm going for a Asian inspired, modern tropical garden! 

After the Aviary came down, I planted Golden Bamboo along the fence line...
and moved the pillars up to the corner, we need to stabilize them with rebar, Im going to paint them too, they will be a nice focal point when finished.

 Picked up and potted a date palm
 oh.. and bought a Windmill Palm
 Planted up my Cold Hardy Bananas in with the Daily lilies and Lily turf
 added more brick along the boarder....
This beast of a plant came in wild, I left it to see what it turned into....
 it closes its leaves at night around its flower, its about 3ft tall and wide now
The nice folks at Swansons Nursery identified it as a Woodland Flowering Tobacco plant.
It's quite the center of attention right now!

Goodbye Aviary

Taking down the old Peacock Aviary

also adding some new bricks to the step area

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trip to Clinton Bamboo (my favorite!)

One of my favorite places to visit...
 my neighbor friend and I went to pick out some plants for our gardens, 
we were blessed by Mother Natures sudden thunder storm and rains while we were shopping, it felt like we were in a tropical wonderland...
wait... we were!

 Timber Bamboo Grove
 Banana trees as tall as a house!
 blooming Pitcher plants!
 I came home with these two beauties below!
Abutilon - Orange Hot Lava?
 Abutilon -Tiger Eye
and seven Golden Bamboo plants for the back garden!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Down Below Garden....

Working on the "down below" garden today....

Before... the dogs wrestling pit...
During clean up
Placing the plants
Plants are in... 
(Gold Juniper and English Lavender along the fence)
Forthysia along the wall
I'm going to plant Microclover  so the whole ground will be green.