Monday, March 27, 2017

Cold Hardy Banana: Update

On March 14th I uncovered the Cold Hardy Bananas, 
as you can see they're already growing from the centers! 

Once they grow bigger the first leaf usually is the first to die, so I don't really worry about the brown tip. I will just end up cutting it off.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Reworking some paintings...

I decided to add some hand painted floral designs to some of my paintings....

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

5 Days until Spring is Official! Early Blooms and Buds

Only five more days until Spring makes it's official debut! 
today in the garden I saw all my Hellebores blooming!

 I just love them! Especially these ones that look like a lotus

My Black elderberry tree is starting to get leaf buds!
The Forsythia too!
and the Heather/Heath is blooming
I'm so excited for Spring!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cold Hardy Banana Uncovering

Since we're getting warmer weather.... 50's daytime and 40's nighttime..
 I decided to partially uncover my Cold Hardy Banana trees, I left the bases and stalks mulched and wrapped in the bubble wrap, just in case we get another cold spell.
The stalks were taller but fell over, due to me not having enough mulch around them, (my neighbor insisted on throwing her leaves away instead of giving them to me to use as mulch) so, if your bananas fell over like mine, you want to cut the stalk down to where its still rigid,I just squeeze it a little to figure it out,  you'll see the center still has green in it, the black muck is ok. It will grow from the center of where you cut it off.
 The center will ooze/weep the moisture and turn a bit dark, but it will be ok! Don't cut it unless it gets super mushy!

 If there is another frost or cold spell when it reaches below 34 at night I will throw some burlap over the tops of them.
 For now I think they should be fine in the current weather.
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Signs of Spring!

Plants and flowers are starting to emerge from their winter slumber!
I believe these are Alliums, I'm not sure what the small, bright green leaves are...I'm sure they're some sort of wildflower I had last year that reseeded itself...
I don't weed to much at this time of year unless I know for sure it's a weed. I've pulled out to many flower seedlings in the past.

Not sure what these red leaves (below) are either, I'm thinking it might be a Heuchera, but the leaves are thick and leathery and growing larger than the normal Heuchera, If you know, please leave a comment. 
I didn't mark any of my plants last year, so it will be a surprise (not intended) as plants pop up everywhere, this year I'm marking everything so I don't see a "blank" spot and plant something there, just to find out there's bulbs under the ground, I've done that to many times and split the bulbs in half with my shovel or spade.....

UPDATE: 3-27
I figured out this red leaf plant is a  Ligularia! I have a couple more popping up too!
Grape Hyacinths (Muscari)
 I just planted my new Japanese Loquat Tree (Japanese Plum), yesterday, I don't expect it to fruit but it's a nice addition tropical to the garden with its large leaves.

Monday, March 13, 2017

More Garden Work

we installed the new 10ft trellis/fencing in the front, the other one fell down when we got the snow storm...
It will be nice and private again once the Snowdrift Clematis fills it in.
We also moved the huge concrete meditating Buddha from the ground to the deck, it was about 300-400lbs! we wedged wood under it to get it up on the bench.
I also added the heron and the bird bath basin to where the Buddha was in the mini shade garden under the Clematis.
in the back garden, I finished up the boarder and moved the Secret Garden arbor to its final spot, we need to tighten it up and secure it to the ground with some rebar.
here it is at night
Loving the deep blue sky...
You can see more of my garden photos on my Pinterest board HERE

Monday, March 6, 2017

Winter Garden Update

I've been out in the garden early again this year with a case of Spring Fever, I decided to take out all the clover that I had last year, and add a paver and pea gravel pathway, I also extended out the garden beds with a low block wall,

Here's the new much cleaner looking.
I'm also re doing the boarder around this seating area, it had the flat pavers which I'm now putting in the block, it's more sturdy and the moles cant uproot them.
 In the middle of working on this, a cold front came in and dumped about 11" of snow!
The snow lasted about 4 days and melted, so as of right now its gone. and I planted some bulbs and added my favorite black mulch to the beds...
We also took a cylinder off the pillars to make them a bit more stable and put the tops on,
Im using the extra pcs as plant stands in the beds, once all the Pineapple  Lilies come in you really wont be able to see them,

And, While at the Northwest Flower and Garden show I picked up this "Secret Garden" trellis, which will be installed on the other side of the two black pots in front of, once I get the new block boarder in next to those chairs.